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The Soul Center for Spiritual Healing seeks men and women, who love children and are committed to their healing, to become Certified Facilitators, to guide our Indigo Children and their parents through The 17 and GraceLight, and Adult Indigos through the Point of Essence Process.

We already have trained 80 Facilitators from 18 states, who have returned to their home communities to do this healing work. We need to blanket the country with Facilitators, so that any family anywhere can have close geographical proximity to a Facilitator.

The Facilitator Trainings are currently held twice a year — we’ll be glad to do more Trainings as soon as more folks are interested — in La Costa (north suburban San Diego) California. They are usually two and on-half day
Trainings, held Sunday evening, Monday and Tuesday.

To Join

The Network of Soul Center Facilitators we are seeking people who:


Have a passionate love for children and their healing, evolution,


Have a compelling desire to help heal adults who have carried their
spiritual woundings of childhood into adulthood,


Have background and/or experience in the fields of healing (in all its many forms), social work, education, children’s issues, religion and spirit, or related fields,


Have an ongoing practice or are willing to develop a practice that will offer this spiritual healing to as many adults and children as possible in the swiftest time possible,


Are willing to be innovative and creative in building up a practice, in
dealing with parents, children, and adults, and in publicizing and promoting The 17 and The Point of Essence Process, and are willing to follow the Spirit-Guided healing scripts exactly,


Will be enthusiastic members of The Soul Center Network of Facilitators, and work diligently and passionately as a member of our team to spiritually heal our children, so that they can lead us all toward a world of perfection.

A Soul Center Facilitator can expect:


Great personal fulfillment and soul-satisfaction from bringing profound, life-enhancing, life-changing healing to Indigo Children and to Adult Indigos,


To make a good income from the fees generated from healing sessions,


Constant and continuing support, counsel, and guidance from the director and the office; regular access by telephone, fax, and email.
immediate updates when new information is obtained or new materials are available,


Quick response and “turn-around” time when ordering materials and products from the office,


Listing as a Certified Facilitator on The Soul Center website (

The Training includes:

An introduction to the world of the Spirit and Spiritual healing, and (for those who need) instruction on the use of a pendulum,

A guided Point of Essence Process session,

Complete introduction to the principles and the process of the three healings,

Detailed instruction and “hands-on” experience on how to facilitate a session,

Suggestions and advice on how to set up the business of the three healings,

All booklets and materials and templates,

Delicious snacks,

A joyous, celebratory dinner following the Certification ceremony.


The next Training will be held
June 12-14, 2011
in La Costa, California.

For an information packet and registration form, call Dr.Wayne Dosick at 1-877-SOUL KID or email

In these increasingly confusing and dangerous times, our Indigo Children — who carry the vision of perfection — are in more anguish than ever before.

They desperately need the spiritual healing which will bring them comfort, and help them show us the way toward evolution and transformation for our world.

Please consider joining us for this Training, and gain the skills and spirit to bring these spiritual healings to the Indigo Children and Adult Indigos in your community.

Our children need you — NOW.


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